OCTOBER 5 – 12 2019


7 Women, 7 days on the gorgeous sun kissed island of Mallorca. Gathering together at the base of the majestic and magical Serra de Tramuntana we engaged in deep soul searching exercises through yoga and meditation. Through these practices we were able to unfold, stretch, smile, cry, feel, and finally truly come to understand who we are in both our connection with one another and our uniqueness within the group.

We explored and overcame daunting challenges in nature which pushed us both physically and emotionally, winding us through stunning, remote mountain paths into the wild and also into a place within ourselves that we never imagine existed. Together we pushed through our own personal boundaries and at times those of others in the group, and by trusting the process we were able to shift our perspectives to reach a place of self acceptance and personal growth.

It was a quest about self, sisterhood and the vast, endless possibilities of our lives can take when we allow ourselves to be both vulnerable and courageous, daring to take the risk of opening ourselves up to the unknown. And we, Elisa and Nanda have no words to describe how much we learned about one another in the process, enabling us to grow closer together in our shared goal of providing a unique and transformative experience for our clients.



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